The International Society of Public Law (ICON•S) is an international scholarly society associated with the International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON) which holds regular annual conferences. You can find more information on ICON•S here.

ICON•S Austria is one of the many regional chapters of ICON•S and was founded in 2022 by Maria Bertel (Graz, co-chair), Konrad Lachmayer (Vienna, co-chair), Matthias C Kettemann (Innsbruck, secretary general), Iris Eisenberger (Graz) and András Jakab (Salzburg).

Chapter Members

Co-Chair: Maria Bertel
Co-Chair: Konrad Lachmayer
General Secretaries: Matthias C. Kettemann & Clara Rauchegger

Advisory Council

  • Christoph Bezemek
  • Christina Binder
  • Lorenz Dopplinger
  • Harald Eberhard
  • Iris Eisenberger
  • Marie-Luisa Frick
  • Susanne Gstöttner
  • András Jakab
  • Lando Kirchamir
  • Verena Madner
  • Andreas Th Müller
  • Katharina Pabel
  • Laura Pavlidis
  • Monika Polzin
  • Kirsten Schmalenbach
  • Alexander Somek
  • Karl Stöger
  • Renata Uitz
  • Markus Vasek
  • Erika de Wet


Upcoming Chapter Events and Activities


Call(s) For Papers

There are no calls for papers open.

How to Become Involved With Our Chapter

  1. Membership is not limited by nationality. All members should have an interest in Public Law academia, including all the related fields.
  2. Interested persons can join the Austrian Chapter regarding the following procedure: A candidate with the endorsement of both co-chairs and five members of the advisory council will be added as members of the Chapter. The endorsement will be given by email, and it needs to incorporate a letter from the applicant (including an academic CV and list of publications). The co-chairs will need to inform the advisory council members. Alternatively, an applicant can be approved by a majority of the advisory council members at a council meeting.
  3. Chapter membership is free.


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