The Georgian chapter of the International Society of Public Law (ICON•S) established in February 2022 to create a diverse and interdisciplinary academic forum to discuss contemporary Public Law challenges, including administrative law, constitutional law, international law, and related fields such as political science, political theory, jurisprudence, and political history.


The Georgian chapter of the International Society of Public Law aims to provide a forum for interdisciplinary debate on the development of public law, to connect Georgian, European and other international scholars in this field. Public law scholars in the modern world are facing many different challenges, and Georgian scholars are no exception. In the context of the international legal order, as well as the debate on the future of the European Union, Georgia’s and other countries’ accession to the European Union, international security, international public law require growing dialogue and scientific debate.

In this context, it is particularly important that the protection of democracy, the rule of law and human rights is a big challenge globally, for Georgia and the entire region where Georgia is located, and requires fundamental understanding. In line with this goal, the Georgia Chapter aims to offer a space for legal scholarship to deepen its engagement in public law debates taking place at the global, regional, national levels and to encourage dialogue with scholars from different legal traditions. Therefore, it welcomes young scholars and practitioners from law and other social sciences to participate in debates promoted by the ICON•S.

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