Our partners in Madrid have negotiated special rates for conference participants at several hotels, which are listed here. (these discounts are available till 30 April 2024. Kindly ignore the dates mentioned in the PDF) All selected accommodations are conveniently located within walking distance of the conference venue. To benefit from these special rates, we encourage you to book your room before the cutoff dates mentioned in the provided link. Please be aware that these discounted rates are subject to availability and are not guaranteed beyond the specified dates. Payments for hotel bookings should be made directly to the hotels.

Given that Madrid is a popular tourist destination, we advise booking your accommodation as soon as possible due to limited room availability.

It is possible that other websites, such as,,,, etc, may offer more convenient rates, as prices vary depending on a range of variables. We invite you to compare and decide what is more convenient for you.

We recommend you book early as bookings are subject to availability.

Visa Application

Please keep in mind that obtaining VISAS can take time. If you need a VISA to travel to Spain, please make sure you get it on time. Do not wait until the last minute!

To see if you require a visa to enter Spain, click here. You can check the list of countries that need a VISA here. Make sure to check the latest application rules. Information about how to get a Spanish VISA can be found here. Please also check with your local Spanish embassy, as they may require additional information or documents. For legal information regulating VISA’s to Spain and other countries in the Schengen Area, check this.

For questions about VISAS, please contact We cannot provide immigration services or advice, but we can point you in the right direction and provide a letter of invitation and/or support if this is required.

Should you require a letter for VISA purposes, kindly send a copy of your submission acceptance email along with proof of your ICON•S membership (for instance, a photo/printout/screenshot of your ICON•S membership page or membership confirmation email) to the aforementioned email address.

The information given in this article may be subject to change. ICON•S and IE University are not liable for the information provided and are not responsible for any VISA-related problems.

Make sure to get your Spanish visa on time.

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