The Italian Chapter exists since 2018, its aim is to pursue the mission of ICON•S within Italy. The Italian Chapter has a commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to public law; encourages the engagement of junior scholars with the work of ICON•S; and writes year-in-reviews of developments in Italian Public Law, to be published in the ICONnect blog.


The Italian chapter of the International Society of Public Law aims at representing a forum for inter- and cross-disciplinary debate concerning public law developments, and a bridge connecting Italian and international scholars in the field.

Italian legal scholarship, as many other academic communities, has been long aware of how deeply the growing interconnectedness between legal systems at the regional, international and global level affects the ways in which public authority is exercised, how rights are protected and the way in which we approach legal phenomena from a scholarly point of view.

Understanding the challenges currently faced by public life and governance increasingly requires an approach which is able to bridge traditional divides and constitutional diversity. In accordance with ICON•S mission, the Italian chapter fosters cross-fertilisation between the different branches of Public Law, and especially between Constitutional, Administrative, Comparative, Criminal, European and International Law. It favors the integration of Italian legal tradition and culture within the broader scientific arena and supports the dissemination of the core values of constitutionalism. It also promotes approaches capable of contextualizing legal phenomena, thus integrating legal analysis with insights and methodologies from the social sciences.

In so doing, the Italian chapter aims at offering a space for Italian legal scholarship to deepen its involvement in the public law debates taking place on a global scale and encourages dialogue with scholars from different legal traditions. It therefore welcomes young scholars and practitioners from law and other social sciences to take part in what we hope will be a vibrant exchange.

Chapter Members

Members of the Italian Chapter’s General Council are Giuliano Amato; Adelina Adinolfi; Carla Barbati; Benedetta Barbisan; Stefania Bariatti; Vittoria Barsotti; Stefano Battini; Roberto Bin; Mia Caielli; Donatella Campus; Beniamino Caravita; Lorenzo Casini; Sabino Cassese; Marco D’Alberti; Daria de Pretis; Giacinto della Cananea; Mariavaleria del Tufo; Chiara Favilli; Carlo Fusaro; Michele Graziadei; Tania Groppi; Elisabetta Lamarque; Massimo Luciani; Luca Luparia; Nicola Lupo; Barbara Marchetti; Roberto Mastroianni; Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella; Antonella Meniconi; Andrea Morrone; Stefania Ninatti; Irene Papa Cesare Pinelli; Oreste Pollicino; Nicola Selvaggi; Paola Severino; Gaetano Silvestri; Andrea Simoncini; Antonello Tancredi; Diletta Tega; Luisa Torchia; Francesco Viganò; and Lorenza Violini.



Upcoming Chapter Events and Activities

The 2023 annual conference will take place in Milan at Bocconi University on 13 and 14 October 2023. 

To download the Conference program, click here.

Call(s) For Papers

To read the Call for Panel and Papers click here.

Submission of proposals: interested scholars are invited to submit an abstract, in English or Italian, of a single paper (max. 500 words) or a fully-formed panel (max. 1000 words) by filling out the online form by 15 July 2023.

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