Chapter Members

Founding members of the ICON•S chapter are

  • Professor Kevin Aquilina, former Dean of the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta and Head of Media, Communications, and Technology Law Department
  • Dr Ivan Mifsud LL.D. Ph.D Dean of the Faculty of Laws and Head, Public Law Department, Faculty of Laws University of Malta
  • Dr Tonio Borg LL.D. Ph.D K.O.M., resident academic public law senior lecturer, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta
  • Austin Bencini senior lecturer Public Law
  • Dr Therese Comodini Cachia LL.D. Ph.D. lecturer in public law
  • Dr Jelena Agronovska Ph.D. (London) Lecturer in European and Comparative Law


Upcoming Chapter Events and Activities

The Chapter organized on 7 May 2021 a fruitful panel discussion on Judicial Review : “What shortcomings, pitfalls and practical issues?” of Administrative Action in Malta. Participants in this panel included Professor Kevin Aqulina a former Dean of the Faculty of Laws at Malta University. Dr Ivan Mifsud Dean of the Faculty, Dr Tonio Borg Senior Lecturer at the Faculty and Dr Robert Musumeci as well as Dr Therese Comodini Cachia visiting lecturers . The discussion in which a large number of scholars and students participated online was a success. It generated discussion on the current shortcomings of judicial Review in Malta namely the fragmentation of the law and remedies on this subject, procedural obstacles in particular the juridical or legal standing requirement.

A video of the event on Facebook may be found here.

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