The South Korea Chapter of the International Society of Public Law (ICON•S) is established as a forum for academic discussion and cooperation between public law scholars in South Korea, East Asian countries as well as the international society under the mission of the ICON•S.

The goals of the South Korea Chapter are threefold: First, we aim to promote and support the intellectual exchange and cooperation among public law scholars and legal professionals in South Korea to contribute to domestic and global legal scholarship and discourse in line with the ICON•S activities. In our domestic activities, the diversity of gender, age, and discipline, which is pursued by the ICON•S, will be fully respected. Second, we intend to promote the academic collaboration between national, regional, and international academic communities. As the first national chapter of the ICON•S in Northeast Asian region, we will provide a forum for collaboration within the region as well as connections between Korean scholars and the international academic community. Third, through our activities, we hope to foster the values of constitutionalism, democracy, human rights, and rule of law nationally as well as globally in this troubled times.

The Charter of the South Korea Chapter can be read here.

Chapter Governance

The Founding Co-Chairs

  • Kim, Seon-Taek
  • Yun, Jeong-In

The Advisory Board

  • Bang, Seung-Ju
  • Cha, In-Soon
  • Cho, Soyoung
  • Choi, Hee-Kyung
  • Chung, Tae-Ho
  • Hahm, Chaihark
  • Hong, Wan-Sik
  • Im, Hyun
  • Jung, Hye Young
  • Kim, Hyun Jung
  • Kim, Il-Hwan
  • Kim, Jung-Kwon
  • Kong, Jin-Seong
  • Lee, Ki Wu
  • Lee, Nohhong
  • O, Hotaek
  • Oh, Jeong Rok
  • Park, Zin-Wan
  • Rhee, Woo-Young
  • Yoo, Eun Jung

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