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Book discussion with Ran Hirschl

By March 22, 2021February 14th, 2023No Comments

Against the backdrop of the world’s staggering urbanization rate and the absence of cities from constitutional law, constitutional thought, and comparative constitutional studies more generally, Ran Hirschl argues in his new book “City, State: Constitutionalism and the Megacity” (Oxford University Press, 2020), that new thinking about constitutionalism and urbanization, and about the spatial dimensions of constitutional governance more generally, are desperately needed. “City, State” considers the reasons for what Hirschl calls the “constitutional blind spot” concerning the metropolis, probes the constitutional relationship between states and (mega)cities worldwide, examines patterns of constitutional change and stalemate in city status, and aims to carve a new place for the city in constitutional law, constitutional thought, and constitutional practice.

Join us in a live discussion of “City, State” with the author, Lorenzo Casini (IMT Lucca, Italy), Vicki Jackson (Harvard Law School, USA), Menaka Guruswamy (Supreme Court of India), Maartje de Visser (SMU Singapore) and Bianca Tavolari (INSPER, Brazil) on May 20, 2021!

The event will be moderated by Anna Pirri (LUISS, Italy).

The event is free and open to all but we kindly ask you to register.

We thank Sergio Verdugo, Mariana Velasco Rivera and Fred Felix Zaumseil for helping to organise this event.