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ICON-S Writing School

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Publishing at the international level can be challenging for early-career scholars. It is crucial for their academic career and the wide dissemination of knowledge, yet little systematic training is offered to do this task effectively. The ICON-S Writing School – provided at no cost – is here to help, especially those whose home institution has not offered a similar program.
How do you get published in an international journal? How does the peer-review process work? How do you write an abstract and an introduction, and how do you structure an article? This free Writing School aims to answer these questions and more!

It consists of a set of 8 lectures, open to everyone, offered by internationally renowned legal academics.
A limited number of early-career scholars (15) will be admitted to a tutorial program, in which they will receive feedback on their manuscripts. The admission to the tutorial program is limited to current ICON-S members.

Eligibility, Application, and Selection:

The ICON-S Writing School is free.
–> Lectures are open to everyone with prior registration by email at
–> Participation in the 15-person tutorial program requires an application. This small program is intended for current ICON-S early-career scholars with limited experience in international publishing and who are currently engaged in graduate studies in law. Priority will be given to applicants who are not native English speakers, have not received similar training before, and do not have more than one publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. The Selection Committee will take diversity and geography into consideration.

The application deadline is January 5, 2022. A full application consists of the following materials:

  1. CV;
  2. Draft of the paper (7000 words maximum) and abstract (200 words maximum) they propose to workshops during the writing school;
  3. Letter of motivation (250 words maximum) explaining how the writing school could help advance their career.

The Writing School will include the following lectures:

  1. What should I write about? How to pick a topic and to prepare a research question? (Jan. 17)
  2. How to write your abstract (Jan. 17)
  3. How to structure your article (Jan. 18)
  4. How to write a good introduction (Jan. 18)
  5. How to conduct Interdisciplinary research (Jan. 19)
  6.  How to do comparative legal research (Jan. 19)
  7. How to prepare a grant proposal (Jan. 20)
  8. How to prepare an article for submission (Feb. 2)