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ICON•S Congratulates Outgoing Co-Presidents

By August 19, 2021February 13th, 2023No Comments

The International Society of Public Law today congratulates Professors Lorenzo Casini and Rosalind Dixon on their tenure as Co-Presidents of ICON•S. Leaders of ICON•S for three years, Casini and Dixon have led ICON•S through the trials and challenges of the public health emergency and innovated the unprecedented online conference experience known now and always as ICON•S Mundo.

Sabino Cassese, co-founder of ICON•S, captured the views of the ICON•S membership in his congratulatory remarks for Casini and Dixon: “Bravi! You have done a great work. The Society is flourishing and the future looks better thanks to your work.”

Fellow ICON•S co-founder Joseph H.H. Weiler agreed: “Ros and Lorenzo displayed inspired leadership in the most challenging of circumstances. The hugely successful Mundo Conference speaks more eloquently than any words could. Thank you!”

Former ICON•S Co-Presidents Gráinne de Búrca and Ran Hirschl joined in celebrating the tenure of Casini and Dixon.

De Búrca situated the significance of Casini and Dixon’s leadership in the present moment: “We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Ros and Lorenzo for steering the Society through such a deeply challenging time. Not only did they keep ICON•S and its membership engaged and active during the pandemic when so much of ordinary life ground to a halt, but they turned what could have been a disaster for our Society—the forced cancellation of two in-person conferences in a row—into a triumphant success with this amazing Mundo event. Their vision, commitment and determination to see ICON•S thrive and grow even in these most challenging of circumstances has yielded wonderful results, and we are extraordinarily grateful to them and their hardworking team.”

For his part, Hirschl expressed his thanks to Casini and Dixon on behalf of the Society: “Thanks for your tremendous dedication, ingenuity and resolve in leading ICON•S through one of the greatest challenges of our time. From Santiago to Mundo, the Society has matured, expanded, and has become a trailblazer of inclusion in ways that were unimaginable when we established it merely a few years ago. Heartiest congratulations!”

Casini and Dixon have left a legacy of leadership that will keep the Society thriving in the years ahead. The entire ICON•S family congratulates them both for all they have given to the Society.

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August 2021